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We follow a fountain model depicting a highly iterative and recursive software development life cycle which is especially suited to an object-oriented software development. Impacts of reuse and domain analysis/design are included to create a comprehensive, yet flexible, development life cycle model description appropriate for object-oriented development.


In product lifecycle business-oriented stages are Business Planning, Build and Delivery. Business Planning and Delivery encompass mainly business decisions and customer involvement, and Build is the more technical part of software development.

Web applications [Internet,Intranet,and E-commerce ]

  • Java applications, Scripts, applets, servlets, CORBA clients
  • Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet
  • HTML, DHTML, SGML, XML, Perl, CGI, VB, ASP, Cold Fusion programming
  • Windows NT, Oracle, ColdFusion
  • Linux, mySQL, PHP 
  • Web/E-commerce/Internet, Windows95/98-NT, AS/400, Unix/Linux, Other Platforms
  • Object paradigm analysis
  • Object modeling
  • Object design
  • C++, Java, IDL, Smalltalk, VC++, COM, ActiveX, Delphi, CORBA programming
  • Enterprise solutions with distributed components
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, Access, Visual Basic (VB), VC++, FoxPro, Power Builder, Paradox, RPG, CL, DB2, Lotus, Client-Server, SAP/R3, ABAP/4, ERP, BPCS, AS/SET, Visual RPG, Synon, JDEdwards, COBOL, etc.


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